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Robert E. Howard's Conan Weird Tales {IMAGES STORY}

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Robert E. Howard's Conan

Weird Tales
17 Conan stories published in Weird Tales 
Margaret Brundage illustrated 9 covers!

The Gnome Press Editions ~ 1950-57

Artwork by John Forte, David Kyle, 
Kelly Freas, Ed Emshwiller & Wally Wood

The American Lancer editions 1966-71 
and the British Sphere editions 1973-78 
Artwork by Frank Frazetta & John Duillo

The only time the lost Frazetta painting was 
printed as a Conan cover!

The Frazetta Paintings
Basically Strange #1 ~ December/1982
One of those odd-ball 1-shot publications from the early 1980's!
Mostly reprints from the Red Circle line of comics from the 1970's
but some very nice never before printed art!
Art by Richard Corben, Alex Toth, Rick Bryant,
Vincente Alcazar,Wally Wood, Frank Thorne & Bruce Jones
Cover art by Richard Corben

Story by Marvin Channing ~ Art by Alex Toth
(Originally Red Circle Sorcery #8 ~ August/1974)

Story by Tim Ryan ~ Art by Rick Bryant

Story by T. Casey Brennan ~ Art by Vincente Alcazar
(Originally Red Circle Sorcery #7 ~ June/1974)

Story & art Wally Wood
(Originally Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest #2 ~ 1979)

Story by Marvin channing ~ Art by Frank Thorne
(Originally Red Circle Sorcery #10 ~ Dec/1974)

Story & art by Bruce Jones


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