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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

#1 ~ #13
As the story goes (short version) Dan Adkins went with Bill Pearson
to visit Wood hoping to get Wood to contribute an illustration for
Adkins up-coming fanzine Outlet S-F. This was the first meeting
between Wood and Adkins...Wood said he didn't have the time to
contribute an illustration but before all was said and done Wood had
hired Adkins as an assisstant and shortly he began work on the first
Iron Maiden story for Thunder Agents #1! Adkins fanzine was put on
the back burner and the project eventually ended up in Wood's hands
Initially to be titled et cetera ended up being published as witzend
Two ads for the Dan Adkins unpublished fanzine Outlet S-F
from the Lunacon Booklet and The Guidebook to
Comic Book Fandom, both from 1965!

Ads for the originally titled et cetera from Rocket's Blast #54
and the 1966 New York Convention booklet

The reworked ad now titled witzend from Rocket's Blast #56

About ten years ago this original cover surfaced down in New York
and was surprised to see that about half of the art is stats. All of
the Wood art is original on the cover (including the top right tier panel)
but the Crandall, Goodwin, Adkins and Gaughan are all stats.


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