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A Woa Woa and A Wagging Tail (story)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Woa Woa
Pixel and A Wagging Tail

Every evening, Blackie would be waiting for Alan to come back from school. Blackie was always very happy to see Alan. He would greet Alan with a woa woa and a wagging tail. Blackie was a dog and Alan was his master. Blackie liked to play with Alan.

One evening when Alan returned from school, there was no woa woa and a wagging tail. Blackie was missing. Early the next morning, Alan and his brother and two sisters went to look for Blackie. They walked and searched ... shouting "Blackie, Blackie!" They walked and searched from morning to evening ... shouting "Blackie, Blackie!" But there was no woa woa and a wagging tail. The children were very sad and tired.

One day, the children heard a woa woa coming from a house. It sounded like Blackie. The children ran to the house and rang the bell. A man opened the door. The children asked, "Uncle, have you seen a black dog?" The man replied, "No." But the children could still hear awoa woa coming from the house.

The children decided to climb a small hill that leads to the back of the house. It was not easy to climb the hill. They had to hold on to twines and pull themselves up the slope. When the children reached the top and looked down at the house, they were very excited. There was Blackie tied to a chain.

The children hurried down the hill. They went to the house again and rang the bell. The man came to the door and asked, "What do you want?" The children replied, "We know that you have our dog. We saw him tied to a chain. Please return him to us." The man realized that he could no longer hide the truth from the children so he returned Blackie to them. The children were so happy! Blackie was also happy and greeted the children with a woa woa and a wagging tail.


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