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Ready Review – Salman Khan's Hindi Movie

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ready Review – Salman Khan's Hindi Movie
Ready Review – Ready Movie Review – Ready Rating, Hindi Movie Review: Salman Khan is back after rocking the box office with his previous film Dabangg. This time he is Ready with a family entertainer which falls under the category of comedy/drama/family. Ready lacks Salman Khan’s dose of action and people who go to theatres should be prepared for it. We review Ready for you…


Pooja aka Sanjana Singh (Asin) runs away from her evil uncles who want to steal all her properties by marrying her to either of their songs. She confronts with Prem (Salman Khan) and eventually they love each other. But Sanjana’s uncles find her and take her away. Prem uses his brains and starts the bluff game. How he marries his girl by making her uncles realize their mistakes is the rest of the story.


Ready is a remake of Telugu hit movie with the same name. Ram, a rising hero played the lead role in it. Salman Khan, who is a superstar, chose to do this role after setting box office on fire with Danbangg. It would be hard for Salman’s mass fans to see him in a sober role which hardly needs to flex his muscles. Especially it will be even harder to accept him in such an ineffective role after that iconic Chulbul Pandey act.

Adding to this director Anees Bazmee’s lackluster screenplay in the first hour made Ready a boring fare. Salman tried his best to infuse life into it but only did in very few instances. Bazmee changed the first half scenes from the original to make it suit to the tastes of Bollywood audience. Although the original’s first hour wasn’t up to the mark it was engaging and in contrast to the second hour which helped big time.

Anees Bazmee tried to make Ready a fulltime entertainer by having too much family drama and so called entertainment in the first half. However, he missed a golden chance of giving the much needed action and mass masala to Salman fans by changing the scenes from the original. Bazmee should have stuck to the original and might have bettered it as he has a superstar at his service. Instead he tried to stick to his image of churning mindless comic capers and that didn’t help for Ready’s course. Most importantly he ruined the character of Paresh Rawal’s which was played by Brahmanandam in the original. For Ready in Telugu this character is the heart and soul and Bazmee failed to understand it.

He retained most of the scenes from the original in second half and few of those worked too. Anees Bazmee tries too hard to make audiences laugh by including vulgar jokes which is absolutely not needed. He could have hired a good translator and translated all the good and neat jokes from the original. Ready, on a whole works only in parts. All the changes that the director brought in prove the fact that he is out of form at the moment.

Dhinka Chika and Character Dheela songs are the saving grace along with Salman’s stunning screen presence. Few jokes here and there worked but Ready is just below the average mark as a wholesome film.


Salman Khan is the reason for all the hype surrounding this film and he would be the only savior to make this film a hit or whatever it manages to collect. He did his part so well and used his sense of humor to light up the scenes. His dances in Dhinka Chika are simply superb. Asin looked pale in many scenes and okay in few. An actress of Kareena’s caliber is needed to play this role. Paresh Rawal is good but the director didn’t use his talent properly. There is a horde of artists and everyone did their bit.


Devi Sri Prasad rocked his Bollywood debut with his Dhinka Chika the new chant of B town. Pritam is the main music composer and he is good with his Character Dheela number. Background score is too loud. Dialogues by Farhad are just okay. Sunil Patel’s cinematography is up to the mark. Most of the film is done indoors and even then the cinematographer managed to pull it off with colorful cinematography. Art department played their part in doing so.

Anees Bazmee’s humor sparkled here and there. Putting the interval card as ‘Pee Break’ which later changes to ‘Tee break’ is good. Also the timing in the scene in climax chase sequence where a bike runs over a goon’s leg is hilarious. Bazmee should have stayed loyal to the original script for better results.

Plus Points:

- Salman Khan
- Comedy in the second hour
- Dhinka Chika, Character Dheela songs

Minus points:

- Boring first hour
- No mass masala elements
- Action part is too weak for a Salman film

Final Word: Ready – Not a tailor made film for Salman. But he tries his best to ‘fit’ in.

Box office predictions:

Ready should open to mind boggling collections all over. Thanks to Salman and the Dabangg factor. Ready will have a great first weekend and from then on it has to survive on the family audience. Ready is certainly not blockbuster Dabangg to Salman and not a disastrous Thank You from Anees Bazmee either.

Ready Review rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Salman Khan, Asin, Arya Babbar, Paresh Rawal, Puneet Issar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Akhilendra Mishra
Story: Gopimohan
Music: Pritam Chowdary, Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Sunil Patel, Thomas Xavier
Editing: Ritesh Soni
Producers: Rajat Rawail, Bhushan Kumar, Nitin Manmohan, Kishan Kumar, Sohail Khan,
Director: Anees Bazmee


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