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The Counting Story

Monday, 12 March 2012

This is the number ONE. One rabbit waves hello.

This is the number TWO. These two rabbits hop and hop.

This is the number THREE. Three bunnies jump in the rabbit hole.
This is the number FOUR. Four bunnies eat their carrots, yummy!

This is the number FIVE. Five bunnies sit on a log. They are having some fun, hurray!

This is the number SIX. Six bunnies hop and flip.
This is the number SEVEN. These seven bunnies are on a swing.

This is the number EIGHT. These eight rabbits pop out of a hat.

This is the number NINE. These nine bunnies are all taking a bath.

This is the number TEN. Here are ten bunnies brushing their teeth.

This is the number ELEVEN. These eleven bunnies are in their bed sleeping.


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