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The Angels In Heaven Danced When You Were Born

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Angels In Heaven Danced When You Were Born
The Angels in Heaven
danced when you were born.
One root-a-toot-tooted
her shiny gold horn.

Another did back flips
and hummed a kazoo,
They all whooped and they hollered
and yelled, "Whoop-De-Doo!"
Some blew on big bugles,
some pounded pianos,
A few banged on bongos,
and strummed on their banjos.
They jigged up a big celebration
with glee,
Because you were the cutest
they ever did see!
One pranced and sashayed
on a white fluffy cloud.
But they all sang and clapped.
They were so very proud,
That you had been born,
and you lived on the Earth.
It filled all their hearts
with joy, love and mirth.
One long bearded Angel
who beat on a drum,
Asked all of the others
what you would become.
One Angel supposed you
an artist or dancer.
Another suggested
that you'd find the answer,
For illness and hunger
and anger and greed.
That you'd somehow help others
find just what they need.
They yelled, "Postman!", "Surgeon!",
"Musician!", "Or Teacher!"
"A Banker or Lawyer",
"A Pilot or Preacher!"
One Angel in front said,
"A Skilled Cabinet Maker".
Another called out,
"A Pastry Chef Baker!" 
The shyest of Angels
raised high her small hand.
She shushed all the singing
and hushed up the band.

Said, "I'm always so scared
for a teeny, wee baby.
What if they're too tall,
or too short, or just maybe…
They snort when they laugh,
or they lisp when they talk?
And what if they wiggle and limp
when they walk?"
What if they are deaf,
or they have to wear braces?
And what if their fingers
can't tie their shoelaces?
Their eyes might not see,
and they'll need to wear glasses.
And what if they need
to re-do a few classes?
They might not be able
to write or to spell,
To add or subtract,
or to draw very well.
Their words may sound strange,
and their classmates make fun,
Of the way that they dress,
or the way that they run."
The oldest of Angels
walked up with a smile,
And he said, "There will be,
every once and a while,

A person who thinks
a child has special needs.
But every child born
is so special indeed!
Not one single grain
on a beach full of sand,
Is the same, but the beach
is still gorgeous and grand.
And there never has been,
nor there ever will be,
Two fish or two whales,
just alike in the sea.
Not one single bird,
and not one single feather,
Will fly just the same,
in the same kind of weather.
Don't you see that there's nothing
on Earth that's the same?
It's that way on purpose.
There's no one to blame.
And just who is to say what is right,
and what's wrong.
Since they can't be the same,
they've been right all along.
So, you see, it's ok.
It's no matter the way,
That they talk or they walk,
or the way that they say,
'Good Morning', 'How are you',
or 'How do you do?'"
It's all in the way
their hearts say, 'I love you'.
So they're perfect no matter
what others might say,
And we treasure, adore them,
exactly that way!
We'll love them forever,
and smile as they grow,
But there is one more thing
that I'd like you to know.
'Though once, it seemed you,
had small horns on your head...
And long pointed tail...
and a pitchfork instead of...

The wings you have now,
and your halo on top....
Angels loved even you,
and we never will stop."

The Angels Danced - By Karen Byrum - Copyright 1999


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