All story: Captain Silverspoons and His Missing Earrings, written by Alan Lawson.
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Captain Silverspoons and His Missing Earrings, written by Alan Lawson.

Saturday, 2 June 2012
Captain Silverspoons

Captain Edward Silverspoons was a rather small and chubby pirate, with rosy red cheeks, a scruffy black beard, and big blue eyes. He always wore a black and blue pirate outfit, and a large red pirate hat. Of course like most pirates, Captain Silverspoons had a wooden peg for a leg. So every now and then he would wobble and hobble as he walked. Captain Silverspoons had two silver teaspoons which he wore as earrings, and that is how he got his name.
Captain Silverspoons along with his parrot Trevor, a dark blue and golden macaw, sailed a small wooden pirate ship called the Jolly Teapot. Like most other pirate ships, his had a flag. However rather than the skull and crossbones, his had two silver spoons crossed over and an image of his face rather than a skull. All in all, Captain Silverspoons didn't seem like a very fearsome pirate at all.
Early one morning Captain Silverspoons woke, yawning, stretching and then placing his feet to the ground to search for his slippers. For some reason something wasnÕt right. It wasn't until Trevor screeched "the spoons, the spoons" that the Captain noticed he no longer had his earrings!
The Captain and Trevor searched top to bottom of the Jolly Teapot for the missing earrings. He traced his steps from the night before. He searched in the ships kitchen, but no matter where they looked, they couldn't find the earrings! "Oh what will I do now?" The Captain wondered sitting down on a bench. Trevor flew to his shoulder, holding something in his beak! "What is this?" The Captain asked. Then he recognized it: it was torn clothing!
He knew there were only a few people that wore clothes made from this sort of material. It had to be the Tribilers, a tribe that lived on the east side of Catbell Bay. Normally they kept to themselves, but for some reason they had come aboard the Jolly Teapot and stolen his earrings!
"We must get them back, Trevor. We will sail to the east side of the island and get back my earrings" Captain Silverspoons shouted as he hobbled up to the bridge. "Squawk, Prepare to set sail" Trevor screeched as he flew up to the crows nest.
With the anchor raised, and the sails up, the Jolly Teapot set off for the east side of the Island. The Jolly Teapot bobbed up and down on the sea as it sailed around the coast to the Tribilers camp. It wasn't long until Captain Silverspoons could see the dock and so steered the ship towards it. "I wonder why they took my earrings," Silverspoons thought, as he fastened the Jolly Teapot to the dock.
Trevor flew alongside the Captain as he tottered towards the Tribilers camp. He could hear music and laughter. Brushing back some large leaves the Captain finally saw the Tribilers camp. They were dancing around a large fire. The Tribilers were having a party!
Then he saw his earrings. The big Tribiler chief had them! Without thinking he stomped out from behind the leaves. "You are wearing my earrings!" Silverspoons shouted, as he pointed to the chief.
"Oh no, you are mistaken. These were given to me as a birthday present. It is my birthday today." "No, you don't understand," Silverspoons began. "They are my earrings. They have CS imprinted on them, look and see."
So the Big Chief took the earrings off and looked at them. "Ah," said the Big Chief. "I do see a C and an S. These are your earrings. I am sorry. I did not know they were yours," the Big Chief said, handing them back.
Captain Silverspoons remembered the torn bit of cloth he had found and gave it to the Big Chief. The Big Chief looked at it, then looked at a young Tribiler hiding behind a large pot. "Did you steal these from the Captain?" he asked. In a quiet voice the young Tribiler answered, "Yes Big Chief, I thought they would be a nice present for you."
"You should not steal from others," the Big Chief boomed. "It means more to receive something that has been worked for honestly. Stealing from others is never good. But let us not spoil the mood. Let us continue with the party! Captain, you should join in."
Happy that he had his earrings back, Captain Silverspoons joined in the party celebrating the Big Chief's birthday.


                                                    THE END


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