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Dancing the Lambada

Monday, 11 June 2012

Dancing the Lambada

The youngest in a family of five, the ten year old boy named Neil has two brothers. The oldest brother Mark is 19, and has curly brown hair and blue eyes. Neil's brother Paul is 16, and like Neil himself, he has black hair and blue eyes. The news stories were on almost all broadcast channels but you may have missed seeing this particular interview. It's the one where Neil was explaining about the aliens. We've reprinted the transcript of the interview here, courtesy of WXYZ-TV.
My name is Neil. I have a story to tell. It was Saturday night, and I was reading a book. I got hungry, so I went to the kitchen to get some chips. I looked out the window and saw one of my two brothers, Mark, out on the street in his underwear, dancing with aliens.

The aliens were green globs with big black eyes, and antennae coming out of their heads. They stood about half the size of a man. Anyway, this really freaked me out, so I ran upstairs where my other brother Paul was, and told him. "Paul, come quick, Mark is out on the street dancing in his underwear with aliens!. Come quickly, we have to help him !", I yelled at him.
"Yeah, yeah. Look, Mom and Dad said NO MESSING AROUND TONIGHT, Neil. They went out and said specifically that you should be good. So stop making up stories and go do something quiet", he said.
"But, Paul, I am NOT making it up!, I swear, he IS dancing with aliens, just LOOK!". I was screaming at him, frantically trying to convince him.
"Neil, shut up", he said.
Then the doorbell rang, and Paul got up. "Well, it's about time!. Mom and Dad are home", Paul said, as he ran downstairs to open the door.
"Paul, NO!, its not Mom and Dad, why would THEY ring the doorbell?. It's the ALIENS!!."
"Paul, DON'T ANSWER IT !!". I pleaded and begged, but Paul would not listen.
"Neil, if you don't be quiet, I'm going to tell Mom and Dad about this", he said sternly to me. Then he opened the door.

There in front of us stood two green globs, and behind them Mark stood dancing, bug eyed.The larger of the two aliens stepped forward and raised its arm. "Surrender, or die", it said, in a gurgling voice.

I slammed the door shut and locked it. "NOW do you believe me"? I asked Paul hysterically.
"I guess, but don't you think that they were polite to ring the doorbell"? He asked.
"Have you gone MAD?????. There are ALIENS on our doorstep, and they've got Mark!. WE HAVE TO STOP THEM!!!" I said frantically.
Paul opened the door and laughed. "Hey, let's have some fun", he said, and as he stepped outside, he began doing the Lambada.
Then I noticed that Paul had the same look in his eyes that Mark did.
The aliens raised their pistol guns at me. Mark and Paul laughed and danced on.

"Surrender or die", the alien said again.

I screamed and screamed.

As the aliens took me into their spaceship, which had landed in my back yard, I got a look down the road, and there I saw everyone on my street dancing.I screamed some more.

I was studied by the aliens, and eventually I was sent back to my home..........where the entire world, with me as an exception.....

....... was dancing the Lambada.

Dancing the Lambada - By David McComiskey Copyright 1997


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