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The Doorbell's Night

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Doorbell's Night
I settled in my easy chair,
leaned back to watch TV-
When on the screen a werewolf's face
came staring back at me.
Each and every channel showed
a monster of some kind,
Causing my imagination
to soar into over-time.

This spooky night, I'm home alone,

a full moon lights the sky.
Did that Jack O'Lantern wink at me?

He'll soon be pumpkin pie!

Suddenly, the doorbell sounds
Who is that at my door?
The poet Edgar Allen Poe
with Raven?... "Nevermore"!
Or could it be a scary Witch
behind a crooked nose.
Or perhaps a Ballerina
standing on her tippy-toes.
Could it be a one-eyed Pirate
who's still looking for his loot?.
A Princess searching for her Prince?

or maybe Puss 'n Boots?
Possibly Mad Hatter
asks the time to set his clock?.
Or perchance the Starship Enterprise

just beamed down Mr. Spock!
It could be a ragged Hobo,
who's wracked with hunger pangs---
Or a pale and cranky Vampire
making plans to sink his fangs.
Just suppose it's Nightmare Freddy,

or a Zombie's vacant stare.
Or a red and purple dragon 
_ _________
breathing flames, now there's a scare!.
Now once more the doorbell sounding
Caused my heart to skip a beat!
Looks like my imagination
is here chanting


The Doorbell's Night
by Shirley J. Walker - Copyright 1998 - All Rights Reserved 


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