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Sunday, 10 June 2012


Fluff 'n Stuff lived in a palace

She dined on the finest pate'

She slept upon red velvet cushions
and was pampered in every way

Fluff 'n Stuff spent her days napping

She occasionally went for a stroll

It was not a bad life - never hunger or strife
but to her it seemed terribly droll

For Fluff 'n Stuff longed for adventure, 

bright lights

and fast cars 

and slow mice

"I'm leaving tomorrow," she said without sorrow
"A move to the city sounds nice!"

So Fluff 'n Stuff packed up her suitcase
She gathered her family and friends
"Goodbye," said the kitty, "I'm off to the city
to be where the fun never ends!"

Fluff 'n Stuff opened the window
The breeze blew her fur out of place
Her ears felt a chill as she sat on the sill
and a drop of rain fell on her face
Fluff 'n Stuff turned from the window
and giving her guests but a glance

"Perhaps," she said slowly, "the city's too lowly
for cats of my stature and stance.

FLUFF 'N STUFF by Laura Shanley
Bedtime-Story / Laura Shanley Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved

Quick Vocabulary:
Pate' - French, short for Pate' de foie gras (pronounced pat-tay dee fwa-grah), meaning a paste of fat goose liver. Like caviar (sturgeon roe - yep, that's incredibly tasty fish eggs), pate' is considered a delicacy.
Droll: humorously odd
Glance: To look quickly or hurriedly
Stature: Height
Stance: Posture, position, or station in life


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