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Go Fly A Kite

Monday, 11 June 2012

Go Fly A Kite

Rachel was very excited. Her Grandfather took her on a special adventure every Saturday and he said that he had a big surprise for her today. Out of his trunk he pulled the biggest kite Rachel had ever seen!"Let’s go!" her grandfather shouted.

Down to the beach they went. A lot of their adventures took place at the beach. It was a very windy day. Perfect for kite flying - or so they thought.
"OK Rachel, you hold the kite and I'll pull it into the sky."Rachel ran down the beach with the kite and then held it tight. Her grandfather yelled "Let go" as he pulled hard on the string. But it was so windy that Rachel didn’t hear him.Her Grandfather called to Rachel. "OK. Your turn to fly the kite!" But when he looked around, he couldn’t see Rachel anywhere. There were no trees for her to hide behind. Where could she be?

Then he looked up.Waaayyyyyy up.
He could just see Rachel peeking over the end of the kite.
She was flying!

"Rachel! Get down here!"
But Rachel could not get down. Her Grandfather started to reel in the kite. But just as she was getting close to the ground - the string broke!
The kite flew up, up, up with Rachel still holding tight!
"Get me down!" yelled Rachel.Her Grandpa was running down the beach after her. "Come back here Rachel!"The kite headed straight for an apartment building.

Vroom!!!She flew right into an open window and through a living room where a man sat eating pop-corn and watching a football game.
"Yikes" yelled the man. He was so surprised that his pop-corn flew all over the room.

Vroom!!!Down the hall Rachel flew. There was a lady just coming out of the bathroom.
"Yikes" yelled the lady. She was so scared that she jumped up in the air and her feet landed in the toilet.

Vroom!!!Rachel flew through the bedroom where there was a little baby sitting in a crib.
The baby laughed when Rachel flew by.

Right out the bedroom window Rachel flew. By this time there were nine police cars and three fire engines chasing Rachel.She was heading straight for the zoo!

Through the lions den she flew. They jumped up at her but she was flying too fast.
Through the monkeys cage she flew. She knocked one monkey right out of a tree.
Vroom!!!She flew right between the legs of a big giraffe!

Vroom!!!She was headed for the elephants. One big elephant lifted his trunk and caught Rachel by the leg. He put Rachel on his back just as 31 police cars and 9 fire trucks pulled up.
"Get me down from here" yelled Rachel.

One of the fire trucks put out its ladder and a firefighter climbed up to lift Rachel down.Rachel gave her Grandpa a big hug.
"Grandpa! You always have the best ideas!
What are we going to do next week?"

Go Fly A Kite by Steven Woodman - Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved


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