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Hensley The Cat

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hensley The Cat

Hensley was a yellow cat
as big as he could be
And every night I'd stroke his fur
as he slept next to me
He'd spend his days in our backyard
and late at night he'd roam
but one March night he walked away
and never came back home
I made some signs with colored pens
and put them all around
"LOST CAT" I wrote in pink and blue,
A week went by without a word
I cried at night in bed
But then a boy called on the phone,
"I found your cat," he said
"I found him lying in the street,"
the boy said quietly,
"It must have been a passing car.
I'm sorry as can be."
I hung his picture on my wall
next to his favorite toy
I wrote, "I'll miss you everyday
with all my heart. Love, Joy"
Although my Hensley's gone away
There's still a cause to sing
My mommy said an angel found
a yellow cat with wings

Hensley The Cat by Laura & Joy Shanley
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved


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