All story: How Do We Say Goodbye? written by Junior, Sugar, and Tiger Olinger and typed by Phyllis Olinger.
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How Do We Say Goodbye? written by Junior, Sugar, and Tiger Olinger and typed by Phyllis Olinger.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

How Do We Say Goodbye?

How Do We Say Goodbye?

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 1We sure miss our Biggie (Big Kittie). He would write those books that told stories about stray animals. He cared for me. Big Kittie died on May 20, 2005. This book is written by Junior Olinger with the help of our new adoptees Sugar and Tiger. We love you, Biggie! You were the best!

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 2Have you ever lost someone in your family to an illness? Well, Sugar and Tiger and me (Junior) did lose a devoted member of our family. We lost Big Kittie. We called him Biggie for short. He wrote many books. He actually was the writer. I just went along for the ride. But, now, because Biggie wanted his legacy to continue, I will have to break in the girls, Sugar and Tiger, to being writers. I will have to take the lead.

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 3Let me tell you a little about Biggie. Biggie was the most loving cat that ever was. He would sleep in the bed with our human mother. He would come in our room and get me when it was time for lunch or dinner so I wouldn't miss a meal. Although, as you can see, I haven't missed too many.

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 4When I was just a baby, Biggie adopted me. The vets told our human mother that they never heard of a big male cat like Biggie taking another male cat under his wing. But he did!
He led me to a house that found our human sister, Cindy. She took care of us, made us a cat house (had it built for us), and fed us daily. Finally, when our human mother was ready for a pet, she and her mother came after us. Can't say that we liked the trip, but we did make it to a new home.

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 5People who do not like stray cats (that was what we both were) often try to harm them. That was what happened to me. I was always afraid. Even today, I don't come out when people come to our home. I am afraid someone will still hurt me. Even though I know our human mother would NEVER let that happen.
Biggie never was afraid. He would come in the living room. Our mother would tell people, "This is Biggie. He and Junior are family. You don't tease him and you treat him well."
Guests sort of paid attention. Biggie would get a lot of attention and come and tell me but I never wanted to see these humans myself.

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 6In fact, our human mother's brother says that he believes that I am just an "invisible cat." He thinks our mother doesn't really have a Junior cat. But, I am here!
You may have read in our online books how Biggie and I came to our mom's house. She got us good vet care. She loved us, fed us, and was proud to call us part of her family.

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 7In 2002, Biggie began to get very sick. He was throwing up and very sick. Eventually, he had surgery and my human mother would come home crying every time she had to leave him at the vet hospital. He had lost so much weight and our mother didn't know what would happen. She brought Biggie home.
Biggie got inside the door and went over to his litter pan, then he went over to eat, and then he came in to let me know he was home. He smelled like VET! I was sort of afraid of him at first. But, after a while, he smelled like "home."

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 8Biggie overcame that event. But, in May of 2005 he began to get sick again. His poor body - he was about 13 in cat years - was worn out. He just couldn't go on. Every day our mother and brother went to see him. The girls, Sugar and Tiger, now part of our family for a year, were very upset. They liked looking at Biggie through the screen door of our house. The girls live in another part of the house, which is separated by a screen door.
The girls are just too crazy acting for me. They run and jump and meow all the time. I am nervous. I will get used to them eventually, but really...they need to settle down!

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 9Sometimes, we all have to realize that we have to go through loss. It is painful. I have wandered my house from side to side to find Biggie. Our mother told us that he had gone to the Vet Hospital but I thought it would be just like last time. He could come home!
But, Biggie has gone to live with God. That is what our human mother believes happened to Biggie. His vet, Dr. Mac, thought he was a pretty cool cat. And he was. We will always remember Biggie. Our mother and brother loved him dearly. Our sister was the one who originally had fed and cared for both of us.

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 10Biggie would want us to always remember the best of times with him. He would want me to continue to fight to see that people know about pet adoptions, help with pet adoptions, and help pay for those animals who need care.
Of course, some people don't accept education about pets that they call strays. They just would rather be part of the "problem" rather than the solution. But, for everyone who reads one of our books, we know that there will be a lot of good people who will step forward to help those pets who have no home!
Biggie started that fight to educate people through our books. We even put our pictures out there. We let people see how happy we had become in our human's home.

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 11Because we were adopted ourselves, we have never forgotten all the animals who need homes. Sugar and Tiger are also stray cats who we have adopted in our family. They will have to begin to do their part to write these books with me. Being girly types they should be good at it - English and all!
Sugar and Tiger are TWINS. They are the cat's meow. Literally! They meow all the time. At lunch you can hear them at the other end of our house. At 5 a.m., they want to be FED!
Biggie was a loving cat. Biggie was accepting of all humans. Biggie was 20 pounds plus of big-boned muscle! Biggie understood peoples' hearts. Biggie understood that children who read his books wanted to understand about pet adoptions and make this world a better place for the animals.
Biggie, we love you.

How Do We Say Goodbye? image 12Love Junior Olinger
Sugar Olinger
Tiger Olinger
Pet Adoptees. Make room in your heart today and your family for a pet that this world often calls "strays." Spay and neuter your pets. We love you! Keep reading.
Dedicated to our faithful family member: Biggie Olinger

How Do We Say Goodbye?

How Do We Say Goodbye?
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