All story: Shyanne, the Blue Cow and Friends, written by Deborah Roberts and illustrated by Sharon Holmes.
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Shyanne, the Blue Cow and Friends, written by Deborah Roberts and illustrated by Sharon Holmes.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012
Shyanne, the Blue Cow and Friends

Page 1In the flower shop, Shyanne and her mommy turned the corner and in the middle of the floor sat a blue cow eating daisies! Shyanne stopped and stared.
The blue cow did not notice anyone looking at him. He kept on eating and eating and eating.
As Shyanne went to pass the blue cow, it rolled over and burped.
Shyanne stopped and said, "What should you say?"
"Excuse me for my bad manners," hiccupped the cow.
"That's okay. Will you come to my house?" Shyanne asked.
"That sounds like a wonderful idea," replied the blue cow.

Page 2Leaving the store, a funny looking horse sat blocking the door.
"Excuse me," Shyanne said, "may we pass by please?"
"I'm sorry, I must have fallen asleep," replied the horse with a wide yawn.
"Where are you going?" Shyanne asked the horse.
"I was on my way home," answered the sleepy horse, "but I think I missed my bus."
"Would you like to walk with us to my house?" Shyanne asked.
"Thank you, I will," replied the horse.

Page 3As Shyanne and her friends were walking up the street, an elephant tripped in front of them.
"Are you okay, elephant?" Shyanne asked.
"Quite all right, thank you," replied the elephant.
"We are on our way to my house. Would you like to join us?" Shyanne invited.
"Yes, please," replied the elephant.

Page 4Opening the little front door of her house, Shyanne turned to her friends and politely told them, "It will be a tight squeeze, but everyone should fit nicely."
"We are stuck!" the blue cow cried.
"Shyanne, give us a push please," asked the funny horse.
With one great big push, the blue cow, funny looking horse, and elephant went tumbling into the house.

Page 5"Shyanne, please pick up your stuffed animals and put them in your room."
"Yes, mommy," Shyanne said with a giggle.
Shyanne bent over, picked up the blue cow, the funny looking horse, and elephant, and carried them to her room.

Page 6She gave each a hug, put them in her toy box, and closed the lid.
Turning to leave her room, Shyanne heard an unusual sound: "haughh...zzzhhh..." coming from her bedroom closet.
Slowly opening her closet door, inside, all curled up, slept a strange looking dinosaur.

The End



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