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Willie Goes Poo

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Willie Goes Poo

There we were at WalMart
When Willie's face turned blue
It happens every time
My little brother has to poo.

My mother, she starts running
With one hand upon her nose
The smell is so incredible
I throw up on her toes.
She doesn't seem to notice
Far and wide from left to right
That every person in our aisle
Has quickly taken flight
But now, there is a problem
Which we are quick to see
While the smell is clearing level 2
Our car’s on level 3.
Oh rats! The elevator's full.
It seems we have to share
Two people faint right on the spot
The rest, they cry for air.
At long last the doors slide open
Now we all have weeping eyes
My mother's looking worried,
She hopes that no one dies.
The parking lot! It seemed to me
We’d yet escape the harm
When the diaper sprang a leak and
Poo ran down my Mommy's arm
But my Mom, she is amazing
Changed his pants quick as a flash
Said for me to pitch the stink bomb
Into the nearest trash.

Now, I love my little brother
That anyone can see
But the poo that ran down Mommy's arm
Then ran all over me.
Of course I could get even
Putting worms into his bed
But since Willie smiled and hugged me
I might share a kiss instead.

Willie Goes Poo - by Steven Woodman
Copyright 1999 - All Rights Reserved


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