All story: How About a Picnic? written and illustrated by Daryl Ann Schietinger-Cachina.
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How About a Picnic? written and illustrated by Daryl Ann Schietinger-Cachina.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

How About a Picnic?
Page 1Spring time comes when winter ends.
That's where we find our two Pat friends.
After months of cold, harsh wintry days,
Nature reveals her springtime ways.
Not a day too soon for this cat and rat.
For all winter long in their house they've sat.

Page 2"Pat," the rat said with a smile,
"We've been stuck indoors a while."
Pat the cat laid across the floor.
"Please, let me sleep a little more."
"Lazy cat, wake up I say!
Or you'll sleep the day away."
"It's much too nice to stay inside."
"A minute more," the sleepy cat lied.

Page 3Pat the rat thought as he paced the floor.
"Maybe if I open up the door."
A warm wind blew in across the cat's fur.
He lifted his head and let out a purr.
"Suddenly I feel like going outside."
He stretched, he yawned, his eyes now open wide.

Page 4"What shall we do, my little friend Pat?"
asked the now awake and anxious cat.
"How about a picnic with lots of good eats?"
The rat asked the cat while thinking of treats.
Pat the cat gave his friend a smile.
"Yes, Pat the rat, I like your style."
Page 5So the two Pat's scurried to pack their food.
They both grabbed everything that can be chewed.
They stuffed a basket with cheese and bread,
Chips and crackers and vegetable spread.
They wanted some fruit, juicy peaches and pears,
Some homemade brownies, just a couple of squares.
"Hey, what about bologna, pickles and eggs?"
"And don't forget the salad and chicken legs."
"Won't this be fun, we'll go down to the lake!"
"Yes, with watermelon and ice cream cake!"

Page 6"Do you think we need more, like some chocolate fudge?"
"Any more, and I don't think this basket will budge."
"My, it is full!" said Pat the cat.
"It won't move!" cried the little rat.
"Maybe if I push while you give a good pull."
"I hope it'll work, but I think it's too full."
They pushed and they pulled right outside the front door.
Then they both were too tired to move anymore.
Pat the rat looked around and then said,
"This is a nice spot to have our spread."
"Maybe you're right, Pat, this is just fine.
There's plenty of room and warm sunshine."

Page 7So then Pat and Pat the cat and rat
Spread out their blanket and down they sat.
Little did they know, hiding in the plants
Were a bunch of hungry little black ants.
"Hey, cat and rat, we're hungry too.
Can all us ants please eat with you?"

Page 9Pat the cat looked down and saw
One hungry ant on his paw.
"Pat, my friend," said Pat the cat.
"I know Pat," said Pat the rat.
"Looks like we're sharing all our treats."
"Well, come on ants, and take your seats."
As they all sat down to break their bread,
Some squirrels came by looking to be fed.
"We beg your pardon, we are sorry we were rude.
Won't you please come join us and enjoy all this food?"

Page 10So they all sat down and had seconds and thirds,
When they saw up in a tree some hungry birds.
The birds sat still not making a sound,
Watching them picnic down on the ground.
"Why don't you join us?" asked Pat the rat.
The birds answered back, "Not with a cat!"
"But this cat's my friend, and has been for years.
See, I am a rat, and I have no fears."

Page 11The birds huddled together to have a chat.
"Should we join their picnic with that hungry cat?"
"I say yes!" chirped the littlest bird.
"I'm so hungry I'll take the rat's word."
"If you don't mind my saying," said Pat the cat,
"I'd never eat a bird, a mouse, or a rat."
"I'd like to be friends with all of you."
The birds said, "Okay!" and then down they flew.

Page 12So they all sat down as friends and ate,
Til the food was gone, and it got late.
Said the ants to the Pat's, "Thanks for the food.
And teaching us all how not to be rude."
The squirrels also thanked them, and so did the birds.
Pat and Pat smiled at their very kind words.

Page 13"Well friends," said the squirrels, "time to flee."
Then the birds chirped in, "Yes, so must we."
"Let's give a cheer for Pat and Pat,
Our two new friends the cat and rat!"
The Pat's said goodbye to every new friend,
Sorry their good time had come to an end.

Page 14So they packed up their basket and then laid on the ground,
Thinking of all the new friends they had found.
The two Pat's smiled and let out a sigh,
As they laid there staring up at the sky.
"You're my best friend, Pat," said Pat the rat.
"You are mine, too," said his friend the cat.

How About a Picnic?

The End


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