All story: A Small Dream written by Tiger, Sugar, and Junior and typed by Phyllis Olinger.
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A Small Dream written by Tiger, Sugar, and Junior and typed by Phyllis Olinger.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Small Dream

A Small Dream

A Small DreamOur family lives in a mobile home.
We are just like everyone else.
We have our dreams.
We have all things that the rich cats have in their lives.
A Small DreamSugar says, "Do we have enough money for each month?"
Junior answers: "We do. But we have to budget."

A Small DreamTiger asks, "What is a budget?"
Junior replies, "A budget is something a family has to write out to make sure they have enough money each month for the lot rent or mortgage on their home, electricity, water, etc. All the things that are a necessity in life.
"Then, if a family is lucky, they will have money for things like movies."

A Small DreamSugar complains that she hasn't seen a movie in a long time.
She likes to have the television on and hear Dr. Phil. She doesn't agree with all his advice, but she likes his voice.

A Small DreamTiger likes to hear Oprah. She really likes all the topics.
She is waiting on a show where cats that are authors of books get their chance to tell their story.

A Small DreamJunior thinks they will just be waiting a long time for that one.
Besides, they hate trips to the vet. They surely wouldn't like a trip on a plane to see one of the talk show hosts.

A Small Dream"Well," Sugar says, "I hear they have satellite where they can come to our town and interview us."

A Small Dream"Do you think people really care about us? After all, we were all adopted early on in life," Tiger asks Junior.
Junior thinks about the subject.

A Small DreamI hope that people are learning that you can live in a mobile home or a luxury home and still be a good person.
You can still give back to your community. You can still care about other people who don’t have a much as you do.
For instance, we have good vet care on South Main Street in our town. We have great food. We have a loving family. A mother who types our stories for the kids to read. We volunteer to help the shelters and those looking for families for cats or pets they call "strays."

A Small Dream"We are pretty lucky." Sugar and Tiger shake their heads.
"Our human mother gives us a bath, washes out our ears, dries us off and loves us."

A Small Dream“I can’t wait for her to get home from work. We sit here watching out the window guarding the house till she comes home each day,” Sugar says.
"That is a big job. We all ought to get paid more or go on strike."

A Small DreamJunior says, "We love all the kids who read our books. We love to hear from you."
"We hope that you know you can be anything in life – no matter what your background. You can be a star at something in life."

A Small DreamWe have some of our current photos.
Do you have lots of pictures of your family?
Do you live in a mobile home, or some people still call them "trailers?"
How do you fix up your room?

A Small DreamOur human mother made me two carts and padded them with nice warm blankets for wintertime. They are under the day bed in the back bedroom that is our human sister's room.
The girls sleep in a large basket. It has lots of old pink baby blankets. They are soft and both the girls love to snuggle in those blankets.

A Small DreamAbout every house has things that you like about it. The walls of a house may not be the same. The outside of the house may not be the same. But all the kids inside have the same dreams for their lives.
How about you? What do you like? What are your dreams? What is your house like? What is your friend’s house like?
We will see you sometime in the future in another book. Let us know if you like our books. Have a PURR-FECT day!
Our books are dedicated to Big Kittie.

A Small Dream

A Small Dream



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